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The received wisdom amongst producers in 2011 was that a dodgy show could be improved by going live.

In March, Push the Button tried to cover its general rubbishness by going live.

The footballer made spurious allegations of blackmail against Miss Thomas, and took eight months to withdraw them.Also – Channel 5 announced the return of Big Brother, to which series 3 winner Kate Lawler said, "Porridge, hot water, a bit of mixed dried fruit & a splash of golden syrup makes a lovely healthy breakfast.Yum." Anne Robinson announced her retirement from The Weakest Link; the show ends this new year.Sometimes, they're only obvious in retrospect, and this isn't really a show we would care to watch twice." We also saw Perfection and its array of catchphrases (The Usual Suspects, "how did you fare at home? Tool Academy validated heteronormality and "lie detectors" (its place in serious detective work is the equivalent of treating serious illnesses by the application of leeches.) Moment of the Year 2: Nick Knowles and his Marvellous Mechanical Toast Rack of Riches.There were many things right about Secret Fortune – not least the way the questions were phrased as higher and lower – but we always enjoyed seeing all 24 prize envelopes pop up.

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