Dangers of internet dating scams friennds reunited dating

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Also, as specialists suggest – keep records of all your online conversations.

This could be very useful later on if you have to report the scammer and try to get your money back.

The picture — outdoor photo, big smile — was real, and recent.

And her pitch was straightforward: Looking for a life partner …

The scammer may send you photos of herself/himself in provoking poses. Which is often impossible even in a physical, real-life relationship. The request For money comes into the conversation early.

It’s wonderful when you find a special girl and you both develop some special feelings for each other, and it’s a SCAM when that girl only pretends to be a sweet and loving girlfriend, and secretly has an egoistic agenda with you.

Financial scams are the most popular and emotionally damaging ones.

This is the case of a girl dating you long distance for a while until she builds some trust with you and then running her money extortion master plan on you: Her are some of the most common examples: And countless other similar sob stories, tragic events, unexpected urgencies or blackmailing that are only limited by the scammer’s creativity and intelligence.

The reality is that a scam can be dating or having a serious relationship with a girl who has a certain agenda with you, meaning that she’s dating you to get something out of you: it could be your money, it could be emotional satisfaction, it could be sexual pleasure, or even certain rights or a certain status, like “being the girlfriend of a star” or getting the citizenship of you country (especially if you’re American) or anything else, without actually being sincerely in love with you.

So for the purpose of this article let’s divide the various long distance relationship scams into 4 categories: In this article we’ll talk about financial scams.

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