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Some accept single-spaced documents, some want 1.5-spaced, some double-spaced. Some want no page numbers, some want chapter breaks, some want no words in CAPITALS, some want nothing underlined.Some want one space after each sentence, others require two spaces.I was not able to learn much from their site, however. January 2014 update: But if you submit a detailed query, per their instructions, you may get an invitation to submit. This may be legitimate, considering the havoc wrought by internet viruses, but it does put them in the category of pay-to-publish. I received an announcement that the inaugural print edition of the winter 2010 edition of this magazine is now available.They publish poetry, fiction, essays, art & photography, and book reviews.Material is mostly adult, but no under-18 sex, no animals or killing, but rape, torture, and incest are allowable. A new book is a "featured product" for two weeks, the most recent being #1, the next most recent, #2, and so on. I looked at the site, and some of those covers are graphic; there's no doubt about the nature of the books.Royalties are 60%, I presume of the cover price, paid in 14 days.

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This is the sort of fecal matter the little guys sometimes have to eat.

I try to cover electronic publishers, but will add others as they come to my attention if they seem to represent a viable market for writers. If your manuscript is truly outstanding, then we will publish your work regardless if you are a published author or not." They like to cultivate long-term relationships with their authors by providing them with dedicated editorial and marketing assistance.

So this would seem to be a good place to be, if you have a good enough book. July 2011 update: I was informed that their address has been modified, so I have modified it accordingly. January 2013 update: They no longer accept unsolicited submissions. October 2017 update: they now charge a one time non-refundable fee of to perform virus scanning.

Routine checking of sites is getting so slow on my dial-up that I have had to stop it, and just update as I hear about things.

May 2018 update: just spot amendments, as shown in color.

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