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Please note that providing false information about the state you plan to provide call center services from, or where you are actually providing services from, will result in termination of your Independent Contractor Agreement. Liveops only contracts with individuals or businesses located in the United States at this time. What if I spend part of the year in a different location, such as a summer or winter home?

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Review the Agent Opportunities pages to learn more about the call types available, and determine which best match your skill set. Please visit the Phone and Computer Requirements page for a full description of the equipment you need to provide services as a Liveops independent agent. However, all independent contractors invited to provide services for our clients must pass a background and credit check.

Requirements are subject to change at Liveops’ sole discretion.

Your internet connection should be via a DSL or cable modem connected to the internet.

You can access your account by logging in on the front page of the website https://

When we called the Zoosk customer service line was were greeted with an automated system.

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