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Hi, I'm new to crossdressing and I want a friend to talk to about this experience.

I don't want to watch you cum in a hamster or some crazy stuff like that I just want to talk to someone and eventually cam with when I'm done moving out.

It can be fun to chat in real time with others of the same interests. It's very quiet most of the time, though girls gather on regular occasions. Laura's Playground is excellent, a serious site for transexuals, no trolls allowed!

Interested in knowing where any others go from G rated and more, even web cam chatting. : T[SIZE="2"][SIZE="1"]his is a Live Support Moderated Chat Room for Transsexuals both FTM and MTF, Transgendered, Intersex, Androgynes, Crossdressers and their Friends, famiies and Significant Others only. It is NOT a Pick up Joint for Admirers or Looking for Love Seekers.

A lot of guys see my pics or meet me somewhere and show interest but then flak…

» Share Your Videos Club Cross Dressing (CCD) now allows VIP Members to share videos with the world.

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Your browser does not support newer web technologies.chrissie Wondering if anyone goes to CD chat rooms.Ive been to a few and like some and don't like others as well.This is my first attempt at this and I'm not sure where to look or how to bring up replies should there be any. Ive been to a few and like some and don't like others as well.

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