Crazy ukrainian women dating

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But thanks for the site and advises I've pulled through. Since her first letters the stink of the scammer hit me, but I kept corresponding just to see how far she would go. Kozlov insisted that I could only send the air tickets money to Suetina Anna, not to the agency. Sincerely, Michael Here is lawyer Muinov's report on Anna: October 4 "BASIC BACKGROUND CHECK RESULTS There is smth. (must be: her name is Anna, surname is Suetina and patronymic is Mihailovna) So I can't find the person named "Anna Suetina ", dob 05/01/1976 in Novodvinsk (Russia) !! The name they used to get me was Elena Artemieva and Dynasty of Hearts Internet club.Excerpt of one of her letters: August 13 "Each time, I read your letters about often heart by palpation. Don't believe it just because you talk to other people here in the states. I've been looking for my future wife and make an account at"Friendfinder".She had asked for 0.00 but had received nothing.When I asked Svetlana about the money I was told she had promised me a divorce certificate and I had it. This woman and her sister Natasha are in this together. visiting men she had met through the Family Plus agency.She sent documents showing her expertise in handling these matters and she stated she was a lawyer (not true) and a psychologist (also not true).She told me my wife was suffering mental problems and I should not have any contact with her.For 2 weeks I drank just sometimes checking mail from her, but soon my hope died. As for my character, I can say that I'm kind, generous, tender, and sentimental. My hobbies are: sport, dancing, cooking, watching good movies and reading magazines.

Another e-mail claimed my wife visited the agency and raise the roof. Svetlana insisted I send the money to her bank account as she would have to show the Judge I had paid the money to my soon to be ex-wife.

I happened to call my ex-wife three weeks later and discovered the following.

She had been told by Svetlana that I was being a mean bastard and refused to send any money for her.

She asked for money, but not in such a pushy way that I felt completely suspicious. She seemed to have a problem with her email before she completely disappeared -- which I assume meant she got booted from her email service because she was a scammer. She suggested a Travel Agency named Germitur, supposedly owned by Dmitriy Kozlov. It's s*** (if you will excuse the expression..) A foreigner CAN send money directly to a Russian or Ukrainian Travel Agency. They took 50 off of me using these "references" they are posting personal ads on [email protected]

In addition to the photos the other guys have sent, Anna sent me the following attached photos. I must be enchanting for scammers, because the majority of Russian women I've corresponded with are scammers. I met her at profile D351540 (it has been deleted). This fake agency had the guts of sending me a contract with Kozlov's signature and another signature, no stamps, seals, nothing. The "Germi Agency" is NOT registered travel agency. I am attaching pictures the letters run pretty much the same as the ones you already have posted under Myriad of hearts and Dynasty of hearts and visas Internet club.

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