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The result was the WWW (or Wrist Watch Waterproof) and was made by Buren, GS Mk II refers to a type of military watch issued to the British Army from around the mid-1930's until the early years of the Second World War.

This example is circa 1941 and was imported from the American, Elgin Watch Company.

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The PRS-11DN has its roots in the 1971 Defence Standard 66-4 (Part 1) to which the Royal Navy divers watches were constructed.Later, the watch briefly appeared on e Bay, but the buyer returned it to the seller as he thought it was too small for him, thus enabling me to acquire it instead :-): In the 1940's the British Ministry of Defence produced a standard specification for watches to be issued to the armed forces.The result was the WWW (or Wrist Watch Waterproof) and was made by Buren, .It features a water, dust and impact resistant fibreshell case with hesalyte crystal which is supposed to resist the effects of excessive external pressure changes.Luminosity is provided by tritium vials in the dial and hands.: This is a model 702 O&W Caribbean 1000.

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