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(I'll admit, mine isn't, though I can smell the difference, it's VERY slight and I do use my synesthesia as a cheat.) To me 2002 is brighter, stronger, and sharper, (but only slightly) and 2012 is thicker & creamier and more yellow-flowers-y (this has to be the silkwood blossom.) I actually prefer the 2012 version today, but I think it's just because I'm in a "Yellow flowers" kind of mood, but I think there will be many days where I will prefer the cooler more vanilla-tonka-y 2002 version without the silkwood blossom as well, especially as the summer heats up, so I don't regret acquiring both, since they are both discontinued and at least I'll feel less bad about using them up since I now have two bottles.(Though I think adding 2014, which I've only nozzle sniffed - and liked, to my collection will be a waste right now.) Okay I can't stop sniffing my arms now.Smelling both my hands and wrists now, either the unpleasant camphor smells is completely gone, or my nose has gotten used to it. They both have an underlying bitteress with 2002 being cooler and 2012 being warmer. Vanilla, sandalwood, tonka are the most prominent along with a mystery scent that I'm going to guess must be the mulberry blossom note.The smell gives sweet purple and white bursts of pleasant tingles on my tongue, like tiny fireworks bursting in the sky, if I inhale too deeply.

HOWEVER - I detect (and other reviewers have also noted) that there's a chai or spice mix sort of smell in here. The 2002 has a heavier mix of this and 2012 lighter, but they both have it.

The 2002 especially, I would give as a recommendation for someone who is looking for a vanilla chai latte scent.

--- Okay 15 minutes has passed now while I was killing time micro-analyzing all that, and during that time the vanilla wafting up at me was getting sweeter and more complex and it's just heavenly.

The 2012 hand and wrist is also powdery but lighter and creamier and warmer and there's also a "yellow flowers" vibe to it as well, on my tongue it's a more cushiony pale yellow and white bursts of honeyed flower nectar kind of feeling.

(I have synesthesia when I inhale perfume scent very deeply.

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