Christian protestant dating

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Lutheran Church Another of the most popular Christian churches in the USA is the Lutheran church.

This too is a denomination of the Protestant church – although many consider it a denomination of the Evangelical church or even a separate church entirely.

Evangelicalism is often seen as a median divide between fundamentalists and liberals.

Some of their beliefs and values are similar to fundamentalists yet they differ in other areas.

Increasingly, evangelical churches that have tended to look with suspicion on traditional "High-Church" observances of Holy Week are now realizing the value of Holy Week services, especially on Good Friday (see Low Church and High Church).

This has a solid theological basis both in Scripture and in the traditions of the Faith.

It is observed in many Christian churches as a time to commemorate and enact the suffering (Passion) and death of Jesus through various observances and services of worship.The relatively liberal stance that Evangelicalism takes on Christianity is one of the key reasons it has become the most popular church in the USA.Mainline Protestant Church The Mainline Protestant Church is often described in comparison with evangelicalism – as they are both very different forms of Protestantism.Their beliefs are considerably different to many other popular Christian churches, in particular they reject the view that God is a trinity of three separate beings and instead believe there is just one substance. Latter Day Saints are also referred to as Mormons, and they view faith in Jesus Christ as the central tenet of their religion.They are a relatively untraditional branch of Christianity however they still believe in the Christian doctrine of salvation only through Jesus Christ.

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