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At double the price of those hot cameras it really needs to have something special to get buyers to part with their hard earned cash. Most compacts have tiny sensors and the only other semi-compact cameras that have somewhat large sensors are the micro 4/3 cameras, like the Panasonic GF1 and the Olympus E-P2.

When opening it for the first time you have a feeling like, So, the packaging is awesome and Leica did a great job. Why is it so special and WHY on earth does it cost ,000?For those that can not shell out the big bucks for an M8 or M9 and a lens, the X1 looks like it could be the first “real” Leica for many photographers.Let’s face it, the X1 is trying to be the best semi-compact on the market, but many were upset that the X1 was not an interchangeable lens camera.Well, the LCD is not up to par with a Panny GF1 or the upcoming Samsung NX-10, but it does the job it is there to do. Hell, I am fine with the lousy M9 LCD, as it doesn’t make or break my images.The live-view function replaces an optical viewfinder and shows an accurate preview with all essential image information.

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