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There’s the stuck-in-a-rut unmarried woman who cooks up a crazy plan.

There’s the funny sidekick who serves as both her accomplice and her conscience.

And there’s the square, handsome love interest who seems ripe to be swept away by a grand gesture.

But at nearly every step, the filmmakers purposefully flatten out the formula.

Theron has also been singled out for her commitment to playing a character decidedly less badass than her recent roles in is unusual in that its heroine is the most unlikable character on the screen, corrupting nearly everyone she meets with her selfish scheming.

Yet Theron plays Mavis so unselfconsciously that even at her worst, she comes across as a real person in real pain, which makes her at least somewhat sympathetic.

That's something that happen to her, because we were looking for the realist, dirtiest detail from the overnight of being a new parent that can be exposed on screen. So Charlize, you throw yourself into every single role you do and you completely transform yourself.

’s plot takes most of its elements from bubbly romantic comedies.Was there any books or other films that you drew inspiration from?Jason Reitman: I mean, I think we'd all drew inspiration from just being parents and those who are conversations were like, uh, every morning, uh, with the cast, Diablo, Charlize, and I, sharing our stories from being parents, talking to the crew, talking to the cast, making sure we had a community on set that was open to go, all right, this is starting to happen to me.That was kind of on the page and I was so grateful for that.SR: Jason, this is your third collaboration with Diablo Cody.

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