Canadian dating scams

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A lot of good advice on them, and we would all probably faint if we knew who we were talking to.

Too bad we women can't strike back with LIPSTICK AND ROUGE, to reel them in. Also who doesn't like flowery messages first thing in the morning? He said he was a marine engineer on an oil rig off Norway and supervised a crew of 21.

I called the police in Sweden and the FBI in United states and blocked him in western union and moneygram. I am free Now and have My own money and offcourse My heart is broken but I am free The lady who posted about Jordan Smith I have tried to find him on Facebook and can't see him but he sounds like the guy who has messaged me on Instagram and whatsapp. I am on Whats App under Fran Bee and my number is 07707664094 if you want to add me and we can compare photo's. Can anyone please tell me if this guy is an oil rig engineer romance scammer.

I can see why people fall for these guys as they certainly know how to charm you!!

It irritated me that he sent all of these stupid GIFTS of roses, etc. I asked him if it was related to the static, and he couldn't/wouldn't explain. Well it hasn't been 12 hours yet and Phillipe wants to come and live with me.

Signs: 1) Too many personal questions, very quickly2) No reciprocal information - they do not answer your questions3) Attempts at superficial, glib romantic attempts before they know anything about you as a person (personally, I thought this was a turn-off)4) Not forthcoming with details, no job knowledge5) Broken english Probably looking for cash; or a Green card. A cat or dog will love you unconditionally, and will NOT steal from you. Please I was doing My search to see what kind men they are and I saw them together on their friendslist on Facebook. His name is Morgan Smith, but when talking to my friend, he says to call him Marco.

He even gave me the password for the box and said he and I were the only 2 people who knew it. If I'd known about this website at that time, things wouldn't have gotten this far.

It promises men a once in a lifetime hook-up with a lonely housewife who has been deserted by her husband or lover.One day he told me he wanted a courier to deliver to me a metal box containing his "inheritance" from his father who'd had a jewelry business in London.He said he had no one else who could safeguard it for him until his contract ended in July.The box supposedly contained money, precious stones and precious metals.The courier made a mistake which tied the box up in customs on the day I was supposed to receive it.

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