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Since we’re all prone to the world’s ways, we need to think carefully about what Jesus is saying so that we follow God’s way to true riches rather than the world’s way to deceptive wealth and ultimate, eternal poverty. All will have to give account in some way, and we will give account to God.

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Now Jesus shifts to His disciples and while clearly the Pharisees are listening (Lk ), this message is more of a discipleship lesson, on how disciples are to live their lives. Mattoon says the idea is "to winnow, like a person that separates the grain from the chaff by throwing it up high into the air and letting the wind blow away the chaff." This is the way this manager handled his master's resources. Squandering refers to the steward’s continued wastefulness, carelessness, and/or neglect of duty.Now (kai) is a coordinating conjunction and suggests a connection this the previous parable in Luke 15:1-32 (but not everyone agrees). His master heard about it and immediately asked for an inventory of his goods and an audit of his books. (Ibid) (present tense = his lifestyle)(1287)(diaskorpizo from dia = an intensifies or denotes separation skorpízō = to dissipate) means to scatter abroad or disperse.In any event chapter 15 "lost and found" now turns in chapter 16 to possessions. It is used of chaff being scattered to the wind on the threshing floor, meaning to winnow (Mt , 26).If you were to be, say 85 yo, statistics say that you would have spent nearly fifty years of your waking time thinking about money! Sadly, all that thinking about money may not be wise. Our Lord redirects our attitude toward money in the parable. Literally plousios refers to having an abundance of earthly possessions that exceeds normal experience. Barclay - “The steward had followed a career of embezzlement.” Wiersbe - This particular steward forgot that he was a steward and began to act as if he were the owner.(Luke 16:1-13 Investing Earthly Finances with an Eternal Focus) Brian Bell notes that The “Sabbath day” which began in Lk 14:1 continues to Lk . The idea of being materially affluent and rich dominates its secular usage. He became a "prodigal steward" who wasted his master's wealth.

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