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It was too much efforts, money, time for being declined and return home with nothing. The other woman met me but she was very cold and was nothing in common with that funny and sunny woman with whom I was chatted for a year.

She supports, understands me and above all loves me. If you want to get success here you may follow only one rule: Keep remind to yourself that you are here for love! It passed 3 years till I understood this one golden rule. Just a meeting between two people who were so opened during communication on website and a little bit closed during first meeting. And after that in two months one more week in Europe. When I'm remembering how everything was going on on this website I feel the light sadness (because I finished my search for love) and deep happiness (because I found my soul mate). How can I feel such different things at the same time? I guess, you will understand what I mean when you will be on this stage of relations with lady from here. We spent holidays in a little cabin in Carpathian mountains. We were both in search for mutual love, we both had sad experience in the relationship, but believed in a miracle. But she met me at the airport and then we spent a lovely week in Odessa. Have you already guessed what kind of gift I presented to her on Christmas? And after 2 years of meetings and chatting we decided that we want to get married! It is about making that perfect match and with an 80% success rate, my approach works.Depending on the client I can have you out on a date within two weeks.

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