Application screenupdating doesn t work

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There's always a object method you can call that does not require and form of screen updating.Let us see more of your code, including the areas that you believe require activating new sheets, and maybe we have a workaround.I have tried using application.screenupdating = false both before I branch to a report subroutine and also within the report subroutine in an attempt to keep it from shifting the focus to the report page, but it is not working.When I hit the button to run the reports, the various reports pop up as they are being run instead of the focus staying on the console page.It may well be that neither of those is in play here but, as I said, I've never encountered it myself.Hi Experts, I have a spreadsheet where I have created a console page to run a variety of reports from.I am using and need to use sheetname.activate within each of the report subroutines.

zorvek, I need to activate the tabs, because I need to access their command bars in order to refresh the data on the report.

Alain You can't avoid flashing altogether, but if you leave screen updating off until after you have restored the control tab, it should be minimal.

In your code you have this line at the end of the report routine: application.

So if are getting frustrated by a bit of code that just isn't doing what you have asked it to do, then give this work-around try Hi - Thanks for responding.

I could see that it was not working when the program was working as the screen flickered and the sheet scrolled up as it applied the changes.

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