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Those wishing to pursue an understanding of the Human Journey, and Specifics of the ancient East African migrations, which led to Modern Man's colonization of the entire world; please visit the National Geographic – Genographic Project – Atlas of the Human Journey. During the initial time, there was a long and steady period of development in the region, and this development coincided with a constant increase in population.

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This process was repeated until the mound had reached the desired dimensions and height.It has already been firmly established that the first Humans in the Americas, were of this stock.The skeletal remains of a small child were also found at Caral, DNA analysis of these remains should shed light on the exact ethnicity of the Norte Chico. Other evidences of Olmec contact in South America follow.They also found abundant evidence of drug use that is normally associated with Shamanism.That last bit of information puts us on the right track: Pyramids, Shamanism: Only one people in the Americas combine those two - The Olmec.

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