Affiliate marketing for dating site

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Price comparison sites are very popular but yet have plenty of room for more sites as there are many niches to apply this business model with. Like comparison sites, coupon and discount sites are made for one purpose and that's for helping visitors find the best deals and savings.Visitors here are likely to have buying intentions as this business model is to help find coupons and discounts directly before they purchase.Every model gives the end user something extra they couldn't find by simply going to the retailer direct.It's NOT just about pushing your traffic down affiliate links of whoever pays the most commission but going above and beyond for your visitor so they trust you enough to follow your recommendation.A site like this is hugely viral on social media as people just love to share the weird products they've discovered with their friends.And whenever anyone clicks to view one of these weird products they are taken down your affiliate link to the end retailer meaning lots of traffic is ending at the retailer with your affiliate cookie set. These are the 5 main profitable affiliate site types in my experience.One of the most common questions I get asked by my ever growing, tribe members is “How do I get started with internet marketing?

The best thing about this model over the others listed on this page?

They can work in any niche that has physical products but less so in digital product niches.

There are plenty of examples of sites following this model that are hugely successful and very lucrative as we found out examining these 20 super affiliate sites.

This business model has potential as people are always looking for discounts and coupons, and there are always niches to apply this model with. () New and fresh products are being released on a regular basis, and some of these products can be weird and unusual.

Take the affiliate site that makes an estimated 20k per month, Thisiswhyimbroke, they feature all kinds of weird and unusual products and are consistently popular because of this.

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