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First, you’re going to have to spend a lot less time with her for a while.The reason you need a break from her is because it's hard to change the frame from friend to sexual, it’s going backwards.I went through many frustrating nights coming home virtually in tears of frustration but it’s what I did in those moments that enabled me to take major steps and overcome my sticking points.

You have to realize that males are logical creatures (females are emotional), and that being the case, our mind will give us logical reasons not to approach to keep us safe, to keep us comfortable, and will put our comfort above our happiness. It’s not about being “strong” or “tough” – there are certain psychological and chemical processes that go on in a breakup.

View full article → Approach anxiety is a brick wall I hear about all the time that guys hit in game. And the type of woman who is attractive and has a lot of guys after her will usually approach even less.

It is not unnatural, it is completely normal, you are just passing through one of the stages that everyone who gets into game goes through. The # 1 reason we get approach anxiety is our ‘Fear of Rejection’. I’ll explain why…and then give you a big twist at the end…

You need the tools to deal with these before you’ll be able to be at the top of your game.

Check it out here: View full article → And while I'm unable to give a precise answer I am aware of the tools I used to get good quickly.

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