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Again, there was another restriction in it that the client could not be punished in the act itself if the girl was an adult.

Even though the lawmakers have broadened the circle of persons liable for prosecution the law is still focused on punishing women severely.

The earlier repealed law, Suppression of Immoral Traffic (in women and girls) Act ( SITA) of 1956 allowed prosecution of persons other than women only if they "knowingly" or "willingly" forced women into prostitution.

Clients and brothel owners escaped punishment by showing ignorance.

[2] It is interesting to note that licensed brothels were established in Solon, Greece in around 550 B. The Indian Vedas, Vishnu Samhita and the Puranas abound in references to prostitution as an organized, established and necessary institution.

Vatsyayana's Kamasutra describes in detail various types of prostitutes, rules of conduct and the roles played by the procurer, pimp and brothel-keeper.

The law to tackle prostitution i.e., the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act ( ITPA), 1956 is often misused. However, little has been and is being done to regulate or prohibit flesh trade, estimated to be a Rs. Presently there is this confusion building up as one side reiterates that prostitution should be criminalized on three strands of thought- Morality, Legal Paternalism and Harm to Other.

Devlin in his book takes the view that not all-immoral acts calls for criminal sanctions but only those that evoke from people, feelings of intolerance, indignation and disgust.

Many attempts to make some remedies were made but only by the ITPA of 1986 when a maximum punishment of three months for soliciting was introduced for clients.

The question that arises over here is that will the Bill decriminalise the act itself Hardly, it is so as the Bill on one hand proposes to ease things out for the sex workers; it also aims towards handing out more stringent and harsher punishment to the clients or customers.

For the perpetuation of the oldest profession, it is probably right in putting the onus on clients.

Police raids will increase and customers will be garrulously harassed.

This means fewer clients and a tougher life for sex workers.

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