Adult chat sites that have paypal

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You would start by getting a merchant account, which you get from an acquirer, which finds a bank that is willing to let you have a “high risk” (all adult related businesses are deemed “high risk”) account. Often a one time setup fee and also a fixed % AND amount of every transaction (e.g. Even with a ‘good’ contract, you will loose money again.You also need to pay the credit card fees if you want to be able to accept them.In hindsight, I wasted a lot of energy on it that I should have used somewhere else. To start your own adult store, you would need to get a payment processor.Let’s say you want to be your own payment processor. They also take a pretty hefty percentage per transaction, but this probably depends on the bank and the contract your acquirer was able to negotiate.I do this because I know I HATE all those things when I surf, and because I want you to have an enjoyable hassle-free experience here.

The clipsite will host and sell your clips, you get a share of the revenue that can range from 25% up to 80%.Any clipstores offering you more than 60% are usually trying to grow by luring the producers away from clips4sale.As they rarely succeed, most will even allow you to sell clips with a clips4sale watermark on it.Especially when your income increases, as the amount of money “lost” to the clipsite also increases. If you take a look around, a 50-60% cut is pretty good when you compare the various clip sites.As industry leader, clips4sale kind of set the price.

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