Accommodating multiple learning styles

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Thus, this creates a mismatch that requires attention.“It is clear that a learning style body of knowledge has been accepted into the education literature and professional development agenda since the 1980s” (Hickcox, 2006, p. A large portion of past research has focused on identifying learning styles, personality types, intelligence and adaptive strategies of teaching to meet the learning needs of students Learning style research has also provided valuable insight regarding the relationship between personality type and learning style.

Hickcox (2006) suggested that all learning style research and application efforts need to stress the development of the individual and the whole learner.

Findings may be useful to CTE teachers and teacher educators interested in diversifying curriculum and instruction via strategies to enhance the educational experience for the student learner.

Throughout our educational pursuits, many have had a teacher from whom it was difficult to learn.

The results of this study further suggested that the majority of nursing students and registered nurses preferred lecture, discussion, small group work, reading articles, and laboratory work as methods of teaching.

The aforementioned studies have served to highlight the research conducted on the relationship between personality and learning style.

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