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Aboriginal communities associate natural resources with the use and benefit of traditional foods and medicines, caring for the land, passing on cultural knowledge and strengthening social bonds. Access to Mungo National Park and other protected public lands provides particular opportunities for Aboriginal people to sustain spiritual and cultural activities. These custodial relationships may determine who can speak for particular Country.These concepts are central to Aboriginal spirituality and continue to contribute to Aboriginal identity. It was this harmonious affinity with their surroundings that reveals to us how Australian Aborigines survived for so many millennia.Indigenous Aborigines understood and cared for their different environments and adapted to them.Aboriginal communities have a cultural connection to the land, which is based on each community's distinct culture, traditions and laws.Country takes in everything within the landscape - landforms, waters, air, trees, rocks, plants, animals, foods, medicines, minerals, stories and special places.

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'Ancestor Spirits' came to Earth in human and other forms and the land, the plants and animals were given their form as we know them today.

By the aquisition of knowledge, rather than material possessions, an Aborigine attains status in Aboriginal culture.

Art is an expression of knowledge and it is therefore a statement of authority.

All Australian Aborigines shared an intimate understanding of, and relationship with, the land.

That relationship was the basis of their spiritual life and shaped the Aboriginal culture.

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