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Use your palms to cup and gently bounce her breasts during sex. Droopy breasts can be the least sensitive—not only are the nerves stretched, but they’re compressed by the breasts’ weight.Have her lie on her back; it’ll cause her breasts to shift up and out, relieving the tension on the nerves and helping her focus on the pleasure.“This is probably because the nerve that transmits sensation from the nipple is stretched,” says Alan Matarasso, M. Stimulate the outer sides of her breasts, just below the armpits, with your tongue or fingertips.Make flipping motions with your tongue and even experiment with light nibbling. They’re sensitive, but they can handle more motion because of their size.Related: The Smoothest Way to Invite a Woman Over For Sex Surgically Enhanced Breasts. Use your tongue to make circles that gradually spiral in toward the nipples. Her nipples will be tender, so focus on the breasts’ undersides, which are frequently neglected. It’ll feel nice to her after a long day of suckling. You can lure the nipples out if you’re persistent with touching, kissing, licking, and gentle sucking.If done properly, implants won’t interfere with sensation. The nipples are important—in fact, for some women, you can induce an orgasm just by doing breast duty. The areola—the dark-colored circle that surrounds the nipple—is actually more sensitive than the nipple itself. One study has shown that 3 percent of women have innies. The nerve endings in breasts with inverted nipples are no different from those of any other nipples.“Often, women with inverted nipples may be more sensitive emotionally because they may feel that their nipples aren’t normal,” says Shirley Zussman, Ed. Related: Where to Touch a Woman to Instantly Turn Her On Compliment her on how her breasts feel early in foreplay.To maximize your arousal, have her stretch during missionary-position sex, by straightening her arms above her head.

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While her friends are eating each other out she asks me to lie flat on my back, straddling herself on my lap, her delicious bubble butt facing my way as she squats on my hard cock and begins riding me in reverse cowgirl position.

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Related: 4 Sex Positions She Wants More Than Missionary You’re a Big Boobs Man Some researchers have theorized that human breasts evolved to be so preciously pendulous because, well, they need to do the work a baboon’s backside does in attracting a mate.“A human woman walks upright and needs to have her sexual attributes up front,” says sex therapist Michael Perry.

So, in a sense, her breasts may be a frontal derrière.

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